Instagram Reels Duration Extended from 30 to 60 Seconds, Company Announces

Instagram has announced that users can now make Reels for up to 60 seconds. Until now, the Facebook-owned social media platform allowed TikTok-like short format videos for up to 30 seconds. Users must ensure that they are using the latest version of the app to see changes. Instagram Reels’ biggest competitor TikTok has been allowing users to create up to one minute long videos since 2018, though the company recently announced that it is planning to increase the maximum length to three minutes to allow users “even richer storytelling and entertainment”. Similarly, YouTube Shorts can also be up to one minute long in duration.

The social media platform took to Twitter to announce the expansion of video length for Reels. Meanwhile, Instagram recently announced a series of updates to make its app safer for teenagers. The company is pushing existing users under the age of 16 to switch their accounts to private if they haven’t done already. Apart from that, the platform will roll out new technologies to reduce unwanted contact from adults and would change how advertisers can reach teenage audiences. According to Instagram, eight out of ten young users select the “private account” option while signing up on the platform. From now, it will make it a default setting for all users under the age of 16. The app; however, will not force teens to keep their accounts private, and they can switch accounts at any time. Those who have existing public accounts will be alerted about the benefits of going private and will be instructed on how to make the change through an in-app notification. Instagram said that it won’t force young users to go private.

To recall, users can go private or public by a simple toggle switch within Settings. To make your Instagram account private or public, tap on the profile icon at the bottom right > go to settings > privacy.